The Inside began with a simple dream to engage youth, equip leaders, and build community. Our mission and vision is to see the skateboarding youth of Alberta impacted by the truth of the love and grace of God. With the belief that we as an organization are ambassadors for Jesus Christ within the action-sports community (2 Corinthians 5:20), we desire to join with him in his good works here on earth. Out of this grounding vision, we have hosted countless community meals for skateboard youth, engaged with hundreds of youth through camping trips and retreats, and have seen God move powerfully within our communities.

At The Inside we desire to foster a redemptive environment which encourages ideas and actions which better our community; we invest in youth so they will live investing in others. Pledging to serve and equip the young population we interact with, our hope and prayer is that youth come to know God’s real and unshakeable love for them. We are a family who works together to see change in our communities.